Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Asseverators of Retrofitted Heroes,

Everyday I mourn the loss of Clor. They existed for nearly no time – they released one album and one EP and disbanded in 2006. That self-titled album was quality from start to finish, it exemplified what indie music should be. They used some guitar riffs, lots of synthetic beeps and some snappy lyrics. My attachment to Clor is quite ridiculous, in the grand scale of things, they will be forgotten. I heard Gary Numan’s We Are Glass the other day and my ears perked up, sounds like Clor, I thought. I knew this was the wrong way round, Gary Numan is a superstar of electronic music and Clor are nothing, but if a band can sound as good as or better than the genre’s flag-bearer, then they can be entitled to legendary status, at least with me.

The video to Love & Pain must be one of the best ever. I will learn the dance.


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