Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vertiginous Peers,

I could paint the walls but I'd have to buy paint, then I'd have to set a special day aside in my schedule for when I moved all the furniture into the centre of the room, and this time, I think I'd put masking tape on the skirting boards, but I'd rather not. Ideally, I'd make it just like Roy and Moss' office in the IT Crowd with posters to cover the marks and avoid the rollers, the brushes and the white spirit, but unfortunately, my education in Guided by Voices is lacking and I sometimes show a modicum of professionalism. 

I'm going to spend some time listening to Guided by Voices. Today, I am considering the new song 'Copy Zero'. Lasting under two minutes, this wistful ditty ponders the everyday paper trails, I picture scenes that might happen in floors above Roy and Moss' basement computing sweatshop.


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