Monday, April 22, 2013

Woozy Tyros Faced with Actuality,

I’m very easily starstruck to the extent that merchandise stalls at gigs when staffed by the actual band are scary. I knew I was buying a ticket to see Edwyn Collins but there was still a sense of awe that the actual Edwyn Collins, one of the kings of pop, was actually in front of me.

As part of Orange Juice, Edwyn was responsible for a huge list of great singles and as a solo artist, he continued that success. ‘Fallingand Laughing’ and ‘Blue Boy’ are phenomenal but I think Edwyn probably matched these with the sheer sustained quality in his last Losing Sleep album. The fact that his latest album, Understated, is on par shows that Losing Sleep wasn’t a fluke and wasn’t due to the presence of his notable collaborators.

I couldn’t ask for more from the night, his band were great and they played all the hits. I was particularly happy to hear Losing Sleep and In Your Eyes, simply because I love that album. I still can’t believe I saw Edwyn Collins.  


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