Sunday, February 26, 2006

Statement of Intent

This site has no well-defined purpose of any sort; this is in keeping with the theory of the multiverse. By consulting anyone who knows about the theory of the multiverse, an explanation that that an infinite number of parallel universes exist in order allow the existence of this universe as it stands, in its present glory, to be within the realms of chance will be given. In each of these universes there could be websites called "the bellyache", "a bellyache", "stomach pain" and many other names. Some of these versions will have nice aims and content, there could be infinite number of "The Bellyaches" websites exactly like this, each with a creator similar to the creator of this one except for minute differences (potentially wearing a tie or being respected). However, it's not about that, once the concept of randomness and the mulitverse has been grasped or ignored, the remainder of this random site can be explored, in a random manner.
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