Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sustainers of Scoundrels Agog for Meaning,

The mind of another is a land that can never be conquered. Intelligent or peace-loving minds will always struggle to comprehend those who make bizarre choices or commit strange crimes.

I’d like to address one such example. The following takes place in a sports hall of a local community school between 1930 and 2030 hrs on a Friday evening. Twelve people are playing an enjoyable game of football when three teenage girls (perhaps aged 14-16 years old) run into the hall and throw an unknown pair of shoes randomly into the hall. Sometime after being told to leave, they return via a fire exit, run towards one of the goals, where the players’ belonging are lying, grab an arbitrary bag but drop it when one of the players makes to retrieve the item and chase them out. Some 5 minutes later, a brick is thrown onto the field. The girls are chased off and then reported to the community school’s staff.

If circumstances were right, this brick could have connected with a player in the right place to kill them. Despite not having to deal with a murder, this incident still poses a serious question. What circumstances could have caused the minds of these three girls to ever think that these actions were ever suitable for the situation they faced?

The argument that youngsters never have anything to do has been put forward many times, this may certainly be the case in many backwater towns, but never, in times of boredom, has hurling a brick into a local sports hall, a facility to provide pastimes, been suggested as a solution. This behaviour suggests illness, or at least it does to a respectable, pacifistic member of society, because no reasonable explanation can ever be given by those who took the destructive course of action to create such an incident.
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