Sunday, January 17, 2010

Roasters of Reconciliatory Rest,

I have retired from the game of pool after many years of admirable safety play. To mark the occasion I wrote a piece about my career in the sport whilst listening to The Second Hand Marching Band during a lunch break.
Pool League Pilgrim

Would you pot for another?
Would you wait by and hover?
Can the drop of the ball make your day?
Will you make it okay?

The baize is no place for chameleons,
A sandwich is not a meal for lions.
To change a circumstance that suited you until today,
Choose a cue from the gallant array.

Will you be bold and smash the pack?
Will you hold your nerve to pot the black?

Forgotten maths,
Ungracious laughs,
Groaning sclaffs.
You said it was peace for our time
I said it was pool for tonight

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ethicality Rakers Aghast ,

In a segment of Yes, Minister, I saw earlier, Sir Humphrey tries to prevent Jim Hacker making an announcement. First, he claims that the announcement would be premature, after a bit of stalling, he declares the information to be out of date. Jim Hacker seems bemused and Humphrey settles on ‘untimely’.

Grandaddy sang ‘Here comes the chaos perfectly on time again.’

That small moment of beauty is The Last of the Melting Snow by The Leisure Society but I found the landscape foggy.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Cultivators in Clods of Regeneration,

A pheasant walks the streets. Icicles cling to trees drowning in the river and the fairground ride blasts out Everybody Hurts by REMItalic. A dagger of ice is the perfect layered weapon to kill ideas.
Them in the corner, seemingly with their hopes pinned to the mast, their fate was always ill but popular culture was not their science.
Considering the past decade's noise in chart form is impossible. To demonstrate this, here are three compilations: Absolute Radio's, Channel 4's and the NME's.
Absolute Radio's makes me sick. If Keane had stopped at Somewhere Only We Know (ack ack ack), the world would be a better place. Seven Nation Army is a riff. There Goes the Fear by Doves is number 56 and Hey Ya by Outkast is 80.
Channel 4's is typically lame but annoys me most because I saw a segment where they described how great Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is. Final Straw was the final straw (ack ack ack).
The NME has a lot to answer for. Just who will silence Florence and her flippin' Machine? Browsing their chart is well worthwhile just to be reminded of a few things.
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